No place for racism in the UK

After the European elections I felt staggered by all of the racist hatred which had been whipped up by the Politicians involved.

Now we are seeing what happens when these over paid and well educated politicians try to cause trouble

We don't need to listen to the likes of Donald Trump here in the UK, we have our own set of idiots involved with the BRITEX team like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, who have done so much damage now that its unacceptable to modern day society, or the society that I grew up to love and respect  

I feel totally sick at the treatment and abuse being thrown at the Polish community over the last few weeks.

Many ignore or forget that many Polish people came here to fight along side the troops of this country during the last world war.

Many gave their lives for this country and they have my total respect
Some stayed on and worked along the British people and were respected
They did not come here to scrounge or demand benefits as many of our racist politicians tell us these days.

Yes they may have a different culture and like other foods, but so do the British when they go abroad either to holiday or to live.

But these people work along side British people, and they pay their taxes here, which is something that many politicians refuse to do.

They do not bank abroad or hide their money abroad well away from the British tax authorities.

Yesterday I was in Newcastle where I saw racist signs in telephone boxes, which had been ripped down, because they caused offence not just to the Polish people but also to many British people.

It was still obvious what had been written, and I feel offended that some in this country, need to do this for nothing more than pure hatred

I admit that many hate those who come to this country and who refuse to work and want benefits, but that is for the government to sort out.

Mr Blair opened the flood gates and allowed this to happen when he was in Power

He himself go rid of the barriers, and allowed anyone to enter the UK including the notorious case of the one legged roofer?
This was not the European Parliaments doing but Tony Blair.

Besides which there are hundreds of thousands of British people who have refused to work, all of their lives, yet they get away without and abuse

Over the years I have known and lived near to many Polish people as well as people from other nationalities, all of who have worked hard in this country and done their bit.

So it's time that these racists were named and shamed, in the hope that we can stop this disgusting behaviour.

The British always had pride in everything they did, but now it seems that some what to force changes.

This country was one of the worst countries in years gone by, because they invaded other countries and exploited their wealth, yet this is largely forgotten or hidden away.

This is who our commonwealth started up, and this covered vast areas of the world.

So before we complain about some coming to our country we should remember our history.

You can not exploit other people's countries, then try to stop them coming here.

Just remember that many of these politicians who talk about mass immigration, are usually immigrants from other countries themselves.

As the old saying goes, " Those living in glass houses should not throw bricks"


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