Wonderful day in Richmond

On Saturday we had a trip out to the Yorkshire market town of Richmond as it was market day.

We travelled by the local bus service which was a long winded way as it went round all of the villiages on the route, but it was a beautiful journey through these lovely villiages.

When we arrived it was lunch time, so we had a walk around the market and some of the shops, then sat on a seat out side the Museum and had lunch while watching the world go by

After this we went into the castle as we are English Hertiage members, and had a look around.
I then surprised myself and my wife by looking around the tower, and eventually managed to get to the top. 
I don't usually get involved with things like these days, due to my osteoarthritis, breathing and eyesight problems, but over the previous few days I had been feeling so much better, and as long as I keep one eye closed, I can get through the days much better.
So this was an achievement and I felt on top of the world, but also knew that I would probably pay for it the next day, which I did.

But this week has been amazing as there are lots of rabbits close to the caravan, and although the large ones keep clear, the smaller ones tended to ignore us if we kept our distance.

But I noticed that one was very brave and did not run away when I went out or returned, as long as I kept my distance from it. 

Eventually on Sunday morning I was within 10 feet of this little rabbit, and it allowed me to go out with my camera to photograph it. 

So all in all its been a lovely week, and my breathing has been a lot better than it is at home which has been an interesting thing to me. 

Next week I have to go home to see the Asthma / COPD nurse, and will be interested to hear what she says when she sees the results from the last month. 


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