Dental treatment and the brain

Over the years I have dreaded going to the dentists, but I think that is down to the horrible treatment we were subjected to when we lived in Oxford.

The family had used a dentist practise, which appeared to use trainee dentists, and both my daughter and I ended up with teeth which had been repaired by someone acting as a dentist, but who also had no idea about the job.

After that I hated dentists as did my daughter, and simply did not trust them at all.

Then after my diagnosis of early onset Lewy Body Dementia and after moving back to the family home,
 I was advised by my wife that I needed to go to the dentists 

Eventually I went and saw a new dentist who was a very pleasant young man, at least he was a lot younger than I was, so in my book he was young.

My wife explained my medical diagnosis, and said that I no longer trusted dentists, at which point he said that he alone would deal with my teeth.

Every time I went he took great care to explain any problems, both to myself and my wife.

In the end I trusted him, and accepted everything he said, because he said that he would not do anything unless it was totally nessessary. What is more he was very gentle and caring. 

He only used to give me a local anasetic if he thought I needed one for an extraction, but even then it never had any affect on me

Two months ago we returned to find that this young man had left, and we were told that we would be seeing a young lady dentist.

I was told that I needed to have two fillings and needed to have one tooth taken out, because it was a mess. I said that this had been butchered in Oxford, but I do not think she was interested at all

The dentist then gave me a local anasetic to have the tooth taken out. All went well and then I went home feeling a little weird.

I sat in the armchair at home, and was completely out for around two hours! after which I was grumpy for around 24 hours, and not myself. 

The next week I went back to the dentists for the two fillings.
I was given a local anasetic, and when the fillings were done, I went home.

After sitting in my chair for a few moments,  I was out for the count again for around two hours. Over the next 24 hours I felt grumpy and not really myself.

I recently heard from someone else who had problems, and then started to wonder if these local anasetics have an effect on the brain, because after a day or so all was back to normal again.

I know that people with some forms of dementia struggle with local anasetics, but this was my first problem, and had me worried about future treatment. 


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