Getting the correct Diagnosis first time

When you have been diagnosed with any illness whether it's short or long term, it's right that you get the correct diagnosis.

This is because you can be living under a cloud if you get told conflicting stories about what is wrong, or may be wrong with you.

I had a lot of trouble with one hospital who refused to accept my original diagnosis of Lewy body Dementia, even though it had been given by to prominent doctors.

This is because many refuse to accept that patients are individuals, and no two patients have the same problems and symptoms, or go down the same route

This caused a lot of unnessessary stress etc, and eventually after seeing two other consultants for a second opinion,  it was amazing how some doctors want things in black and white, it they simply will not accept it.

It's also amazing just how many of these people use different terms, which cause extra problems to the patient, because they are left wondering just what is going on, and also wondering just what is wrong with them.

After years of having asthma due to long term working in industry, I was recently diagnosed as having COPD by a radiologist. I then went to see a chest specialist at a hospital who diagnosed me with Bronchiectasis? 
So which one is it? 

After talking to a Pulmonary nurse this week, I learnt that they are both under the same umbrella of illnesses, but the chances are that its Bronchiectasis that I have, which is caused by damaged lungs.

I was told a few years ago that the doctors thought that I had Bronchiectasis, due to instant chest infections and constant crackling in the lungs. 
But after all of the years in industry I am not really surprised at this diagnosis.

As a child I had measles and whooping cough which damaged my lungs, and then in 2001 I was very ill with pneumonia and I think that left extra damage and scaring in the lungs

I know that I am stuck with this for the rest of my life, but I have to remain positive and remain as active as I can. 

But I feel it's very Important that we get the correct diagnosis so that we can get on with our lives.

However to get this we must get every doctor and consultant to sing from the same hymn sheet, and stop using different terms and confusing names. 


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