Pleasant walk down to the Tees

Last Sunday I had a lovely walk down through Barnard Castle and crossed a footbridge to walk along the banks of the River Tees.

This was a lovely peaceful walk and many people spoke which made you feel wanted, rather than in some places where you are ignored because you are not from that locality.

I have found that some walks can be unnerving if you feel unsure of yourself, but I really enjoyed this walk, watching canoes on the Rapids etc.

It was amazing to see so many flowers growing along the banks of the river, and added to the natural colour.

At one point I stopped and looked at the river bed which is solid rock, and there were shrubs and trees growing out of the rocks, something that was hard to imagine.

The Rock bed with trees and shrubs growing out of the rocks  

Looking up towards the Castle

This path felt as if I was miles away from any town centre
Looking downstream
The Old Mills and footbridge towards the town
Looking up towards the town centre
The old Riverside Mill
one of the old alley ways

Butter Mill

Flowers growing on the River side

                                                    One of the many sets rapids


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