Last presentation for a while

Today I am doing the third of three Presentations at Northumbria University, after which I am am having a rest.

This has proved to be a very interesting project over the last few years, and seems to have helped the graduate nurses, when they research dementia and associated problems. 

Next week is taken up with hospital appointments, as I have to see the consultant about my osteoarthritis in my hip and torn knee, and also have to see a specialist about my recurring chest infections over the last four years.

I confess that both problems have taken their toll over the last few years, so it will be good to get them sorted out. 

But I am feeling more positive now and hope things will get sorted out. My hip is much better since I had an injection a few mo this ago, so I do feel that things are improving.

However I will take things a bit easier over the next few months while this is going on. 

Hopefully most of the spare time will be taken up with trying to paint something I have always wanted to do, but never really got my head round it properly.


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