Very good Morning at Northumbria University

Today I did the second of three presentations this week, on life with Lewy Bdoy Dementia, and it seemed to go down well.

This was working with graduate nurses, and they seemed genuinely interested and I saw many writing notes.
I was struggling again today because I could not always see my notes, and kept losing my place.

Since starting work with Northumbria University, I have seen a lot of very positive changes in the way hospital staff treat people in general, as well as better treatment for those with dementia

It's not down to me, but people in general, all helping staff at training sessions, from lecturers down to visitors. 

So now it's brilliant to see named nurses and doctors etc, going the extra mile, to put patients at ease when they are being treated or having investigations done in hospitals etc, 

I certainly noticed a difference recently, when I went into North Durham University Hospital for a hip injection. 

All of there staff from the consultant down all seemed to be so friendly and helpful

This now proves that the training of nurses etc, has stepped up a gear, and there is a genuine interest in the patient

However the treatment we are given comes from the Universties training the nurses etc, and from the staff themselves, because in many cases the government are out to cut costs, as are the chief executives running the hospitals

So all of these staff must be congratulated, for all of their hard work in making the National Health Service look and sound better.

I am sure that in the near future people will feel happier going into hospital than they do now. 

Things have improved a lot now, and things could get a lot better in the future all being well.

I would just like to thank all trainees and hospital staff for improving services.

These people are angels 


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