Wonderful attitude

Today " Friday" we went to Northumbria University for the third of three presentations, and were not expecting anything exceptional to happen.

We arrived early, parked the car, and then went for a coffee until it was time for me to start. 

Then as the university restaraunt got busy and noisy, we cleared up and went to sit in the entrance hall, where it was much quieter

As we walked over to the seats a young lady smiled and spoke to us.

We were both wondering if we had met her before, and if so where, as we both thought it was someone we had spoken to at one of the other presentations.

This young lady then came over to our seats and introduced herself as a graduate, and said that I was speaking in her lecture today.

I was baffled because I was not carrying identification or name badge to say who I was,

 She then asked if we would like a tea or coffee while we waited. We were both taken back, because we had never seen her before, but somehow she knew who we were.

It was a lovely thought,  that someone was going out of their way to buy us a tea or coffee, when we did not know who she was at the time.

We waited outside the lecture theatre until the lecturer arrived, and then my wife then spoke explained what had happened.

I am not sure who got the biggest surprise, but the lecturer guessed who the person was, and as we walked into the room, she thanked the young lady for being so nice.

This goes to prove that it's been a real honour to work with these graduate nurses, and we both said that everyone we met, has been so lovely and polite. 

There were lots of people writing notes all of the way through the presentation, and they all seemed genuinely interested in the subject.

So it was a lovely morning, and it made me proud to speak to these students and proud to be part of this university.

It's lovely also to see how the Nurse training in Universities like Northumbria, and Teeside  are helping to change the way staff think and treat patients in hospitals etc, and this has to be a good thing for the future.


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