Looking to the future

I am at present considering what I am going to do in the future, as it's become very obvious that it's time to give up volunteering for the Alzheimer's Society, due to continuous health problems.

However I have decided to spend the next few days deciding my future, and looking into other possibilities, where I am able to spend time in a more relaxing and less demanding way.

I have always wanted to spend a little more time learning photography, and trying my hand at art again.

 I used to be good at drawing but lost that art due to eyesight and co ordination problems, so this could be a challenge. 

I will carry on working in this area, but I think volunteering is now out of the question, as I cannot commit the time and energy any more. 


  1. Ken, we've only just met (one of those chance Twitter things!), and this is the first of your posts I saw. Skimming back through your blog, I can see how much it matters to you to fight back - and has for much longer than since I've been involved. I know how difficult this decision must be for you, and how much you'll want to carry on your work in some way.

    Good luck with the photography and art ... and if that's the direction you're headed in, well those are also areas Ctrl+Alz+Shift is going to need help with. Co-ordination / eyesight problems? So what? Who's perfect?

  2. Hello Ken,

    A good idea to think of some form of relaxation especially when you are having a hard time with your physical symptoms. I also have a muscular problem and osteoarthritis so know how tiring it can be.

    I am trying to help my husband ( who recently had tests and "may have early signs of LB Dementia")

    I want to find some interests that will help him as he has memory and concentration problems as well as visual difficulties.

    I have bought him a set of colouring pencils and pens and an Adult Colouring book. There are several Adult colouring books on Amazon as it is now very fashionable pastime for stress relief. Perhaps this is something you could start with too?

    I hope we get to see some photos if you do take up a camera and photography as a new hobby.

    Thank you for continuing to share your experiences. It certainly helps me understand what my man is experiencing.

    If you do decide to 'retire' from blogging please leave the site up for us readers and others in the future to find as it is a GOLDMINE of useful information.

    Thank you
    Linda from Sidmouth (who blogs under a Pen Name)


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