Time to retire and sit back

After Being a volunteer for the Alzheimer's Society since 2005, I have decided to sit back and retire.

I re registered as a volunteer two years ago, thinking that I could do more work, but found it difficult through health problems.

I have taken this decision because of my recurring Chest problems and now problems with my chest and knee, realising that it really is time to think of spending more time with my family.

Over the years I have enjoyed travelling around the UK talking about living well with Dementia. I was also a moderator on Talking Point, as well as being a media volunteer locally and nationally for the Society.

During this time I have worked on news articles in the national press, along with radio and television, something I have enjoyed.

My Son said he thought that we have travelled over 25-000 miles with the Society giving talks etc, but this all takes its toll, eventually and you have to sit back.

I have enjoyed being at conferences over the years, and have met many new friends on my travels.

I was also honoured to receive a Civic Award from our local Council,  and also had two awards from the Alzheimer's Society. 

I am also Honoured to be an Ambassador with the Lewy Body Society, and I will also carry on working with Northumbria University, for the time being

But  the rest will be faded out within the next few months. 

It's been a real pleasure working for and with people who have dementia, and feel a sense of pride when I inspire other people to stand up and speak out.

I will however carry on with my blog for as long as I can, and will do the occasional project if asked, otherwise I am going to spend more time trying to get my health sorted out.


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