Working after a diagnosis of dementia etc

Many people lose their jobs after they have been diagnosed as having dementia.

But how many could have remained in work, if their employers had been more informed and caring.

I assume that people think that because you have been diagnosed as having dementia, you are unable to work or do anything constructive.

But if we got a diagnosis early enough, and got the medication, we would be able to carry on doing many jobs, and be paying tax, which is important to us all.

To get over this we all need to ensure that all employers are educated, so they fully understand what this illness,  is and then they can look at the person, rather than the illness.

Yes I know that I could not do my job as an engineer, as I could not remember large chunks of my job, and I guess I was not alone. 

But surely with more support and help we could be encouraged to get involved in industry, and help ourselves, by remaining active. 

After all, many people with this illness are encouraged to learn something new, so why not a job, with the right support anything is possible.

Looking back, I was somehow encouraged to stand up and speak about my illness, something I could never do at work. The mere thought of standing up and speaking terrified me, yet now it is part of my life.

So please if you run a company etc, and are looking for employees, remember those with early onset dementia, and give them a try. Look at the Person, not the illness.

We may have a brain disease, but we are just as human as other people. 


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