Media and dementia

Everyday we get more and more headlines of a new drug or a new cure for dementia, but just how many of these are correct.

The British media seem hell bent on making people living with this illness, look for hope when there is none there.

We also get continuous reports of this diet or that stops the illness, it's nothing new, but has gone on for the last few years, yet no one stands up to them and stops this happening.

One moment it's brilliant, then the next it's rubbish and could never work.

These people are total fools acting as is they has positive information, when it is all about a good headline just to sell their papers.

I get very annoyed when I look at newspapers and see these daily cruel headlines, and I am sure that I am not the only one. 

Last week I sent a direct e mail to Mr Cameron, in the hope that he will do something.

 He is supposed to be a Dementia a Friend, but I do wonder just how far he goes when it comes to this illness.

 Like many I do feel that he is using this illness to deflect from the mess he has made of the National Health Service, because he keeps holding meetings but does not listen to those with the illness, especially when it comes to their concerns.

I am convinced that he is terrified of standing up to the media, possibly because they have something on him, which will eventually come out.

He had the ideal opportunity to do something when the last media inquiry was held, but chickened out of it.

So I am not holding my breath waiting for a reply to my email, because I do not think he is interested.

I did get one email saying it was being looked into, and a second telling me it had been referred to the Department of Health, but implying that if I was not happy I should contact  the independent   press standards commision, in other words.

 He may be a Dementia Friend but that's as far as he will go. It strikes me that he is using Dementia as a political tool and nothing else.

The media have to learn, that by spreading these headlines, in the press they are saying that there is hope when we all know that, this is a very long way off. 

Alzheimers Research UK are doing there best to come up with answers, but even if they found something, we all know it will take years to get through the government departments red tape in the UK, and be licensed for use in dementia

This is a very difficult illness to diagnose and until the researchers at Alzheimers Research really understand this, they will never come out with a good answer to a cure. But they are working hard trying to find the holy grail so to speak. 

So please please please stop the media from telling complete lies just to fill their pocket at our expense.  


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