RIP plane passengers

Today I have thought a lot about all those killed when the German plane crashed, and found it so very hard to understand how someone with an illness can be allowed to fly a plane like this.

Many people are stopped from driving a car when they have some illnesses like dementia or nuerological illnesses, yet people can fly a plane carrying hundreds of passengers. 

Perhaps the laws need to be changed so that we are all on a level playing field, and all controlled by the same set of regulations.

I know that my licence is reviewed every year as do many others with this illness, and I will not get into the drivers seat if I am not feeling up to it. 

Perhaps I think didfferently to many I don't know, it's the thought of killing someone else that worries me. 

But sadly it seems that this man for what ever reason went out to kill all in his aeroplane, and this leaves me wondering about his state of mind, and why no one had spotted anything strange about him.

So very sad


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