The Tory party and 24/7 Health Service?

Today we had the news headlines that the National Health Service was going to be operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week "if" the Conservatives are re elected.

With all due respect, people have been taken ill all hours of the day for a long time, and have been treated, so just who is this Tory leader trying to convince.

It's not new, it's all things that they tried to cut back with savage cuts, now they are trying to say, it's all going to be new,  if they are re elected.

I may have a nuerological illness similar  to dementia, but even I know, that we had all of this just a few years ago, untill this government and the last, started getting involved in something that they know very little about.

Mr Cameron had decreed that people with dementia would get a diagnosis with in 6 weeks, and that doctors surgeries will be open longer, just to state two things that I can remember, but where is the extra money, and the extra doctors coming from.

The doctors complained rightly because like other illnesses, they were being forced into diagnosing people early, and at one stage the government were going to pay doctors to diagnose people earlier and faster, but then that was thrown out, because it was unworkable

The national health service is top heavy with managers and quangos all attached to the NHS, and it's these groups who are taking the money, not the doctors or the hospitals, as many people think.
There are so many government quangos and management departments hidden within the NHS, and it's these departments , which need to be cut before they go any further, because these people who get the gold plated pensions and extremely high salaries, etc and drain the system.
If Mr Cameron had any common sense or sense of memory, he alone would know that Mrs thatcher go rid of these quangos, yet they have all come back again

 Chief executives at hospitals also dictate what the money will be spent on, yet they are not qualified to work in the hospitals. 
They get vast salaries, yet they are never accountable to anyone, it's always the doctors of nurses who get the blame for failings.

If we want better services we need to remove all of these managers and have doctors and nurses in charge, because they know what is needed, and do not need a high profile unqualified manager telling them what to do.

It's also time that political parties stopped using the NHS as an election tool, and spoke the truth, rather than saying something that is totally untrue.

The hospital service is apparently in a worse condition that in was under Labour, but when we consider all of the cuts in services over the last 5 years it's hardly surprising.

 We now also hear that there are going to be extra billions of pounds in new cuts to the benefit system, much of which affects the disabled, the carers, the people who really need these benefits. 

So just how can this government tell it anyone it really cares about our country, the health service, the poor and the elderly. 

The NHS is in the mess it's in now through british politicians, who have meddled all the way through, yet they have done nothing constructive to help it run better.

Yes we need a good health service, run by the right people, not money grabbers or big business, and 
we should make sure that all future changes should be discussed in parliament, between all of the parties, and not as it happens now, in small committees locked in small rooms, away from the rest of the country
it's our money, and we are paying these politicians, so they should do what we want, not what they assume we need. 
That's nothing better than a dictatorship telling us a pack of lies just to win an election. 


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