Dementia and comorbidities

Over the last year I have realised that it is time to start to things a bit easier, because I am having more problems with my health.

Living with this illness is one thing, but over the last five years I have been struggling with osteoarthritis in my hip, and a badly torn and worn knee.

I have recently had an injection in my hip to ease the pain, and I am waiting to see what they are going to do about my knee, if anything. I have been doing a lot of hip and knee exercises which have helped, as well as exercises to get some control over my balance which seems to be getting worse, so it's a case of wait and see.

This comes on top of my continued problems with my chest problems which do not seem to want to clear.

The doctor says there is a shadow showing over one lung when I had an X-ray, so they are considering have deeper scans to see what is lurking there. This week I had a second X-ray to see if it's still showing before they go any further.

The doctor is worried that my continuous chest infections is putting a strain on my heart now, so I am going to take things a lot easier until this gets sorted out.

I confess that this is taking it out of me and all of the antibiotics don't seem to help after a while, as you just feel totally drained

I have been told that sea air is good for the chest, but I have now realised that I can not longer walk on a beach, and with my present health conditions, my travel insurance would go through the roof, so I have to be content with the country side air for the time being and stay on stable level ground.

But after years working in industry I am not really surprised that my body is now feeling the strain, and as one doctor kindly put it one day, (With your knackered lungs, what do you expect), after hearing that i was a little shocked to say the least, needless to say I keep well clear of him these days, as his bedside manner did not exist at all

So as the weather s getting better I will be spending my time trying to relax and possibly seeing more of my family.

Instead of dementia meetings I am hopefully going to start  on with my photography again and hopefully learn to paint properly

Memory problems are one thing but with this lot piled on top, it can make life so much harder at times, but at least I have my lovely family and grandchildren around me and that makes up for lots of things 


  1. Hi Ken, I am terribly sorry to hear that you're going through such a hard time. I wish you all the very best for a prompt recovery. Stay positive! A huge hug from Italy xoxo

  2. Hi Eloisa, thank you for your kind thoughts. I will get through this if they can get my chest sorted out, it's been going on for too long


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