Long weekend

We have been away for a long weekend at Barnard Castle, because I was feeling totally drained and washed out.
What started out as a common cold left me feeling as if I had been in a fight with Mike Tyson, as every bit of my body was hurting.

I guess this is because I have been coughing up rubbish for the last three months, and my body could not take it. I gather that my immune system is in a mess after all of the antibiotics so I am getting any bugs coming my way.

But this morning we had a lovely walk and had an honest talk, because my wife was worried.

I had got to the state on Friday and Saturday of not being able to work out the simplest tasks, but this morning I felt totally different, still rough around the edges, but better.

So the change of air must be working, and seeing all of the Deer at Raby Castle was a wonderful sight.
After lunch we listened to a cd by Roger Whittaker,   and I had time to sit back and reflect as one piece of music took me back to my days in Oxford, just after my wife had a serious road accident

But I will leave that until tomorrow to write, now I have the notes scribbled down to work from 


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