Classical music and Dementia

We have read over the last few days how classical music is good for people living with any form of dementia.

Yet it must be remembered that we are all different, and some people may not like this type of music

I tend to listen to classical music on most days, and if I cannot sleep at night, I listen to it while I am in bed from my iPod and ear phones.

However we have to be careful about what music we listen to as some classical music can cause problems if it's fast and racy. 

Some music can be very dark and will cause extra problems especially late at night.

Mozart tends to be the favourite of most people, as it is calming and relaxing.

I do think it's good when it's just background music and therefore not too loud, but that depends on the noise in the background. 

Recently I had to go into theatre for a hip injection, and found that they were playing 1950-60s pop music, which  was quite nice. 


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