Two years since blog was set up

It's nearly two years ago since I pressed the wrong button on a bad day and deleted my old blog.
We had been badly flooded at home, and had to move into a small flat for six months, while the builders rebuilt our home. 

I now know that there are days when I keep well away from the computer, but for some reason this day I managed to delete the blog rather than a post, and was left feeling devastated, by what I had done.
Most of my posts had been written in Word first before posting them, so they were saved on the computer.
My wife told me that I had two choices, either forget it, or start again with the original posts.
After thinking about it the next day, which was our wedding anniversary on armisters day, I chose the second option.
The reason was that I had got so much pleasure out of doing it, and I had also helped other people around the world who had similar problems, and felt so alone, because they had little or no support after the diagnosis.

Here we are in November 2014 two years later and the blog has reached nearly 80-000 views in 106 countries and some of the items are used as teaching tools in 7 universities around the world, something I feel very humbled about, as it was not intended for that.

Things have changed quite a lot since starting this blog, and in some cases it's been an eye opener, and in some cases it's been hard, but that's life with dementia.
I know that I am now struggling desperately at times with my spelling and grammar, but we have two choices we either fight it or give up. 
The second option is not open for discussion 

What started out as an online diary about my graphic nightmares, turned into a worldwide blog. 

Totally amazing and humbling. 

Thank you to all my friends who helped me to keep going 


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