I hate supermarkets

I now realise why I keep away from Supermarkets so much these days.

We went to a large one near to home today, partly to give the Grand children some exercise, and partly to do a bit of shopping.

However once inside I realised, it was a big mistake as the noise was horrific.

The loud speakers were churning out loud music along with staff messages, and other people were shouting, either because they could not think clearly, or they were so used to loud music that shouting was normal.
People were rushing around with shopping trolleys and in some cases left their trollies in silly places, while they went off else where.

To put extra pressure on us we also had a lot of disabled electric scooters being driven by people who really did not care that other people were around.

 My walking stick was hit quite a few times, and I got to the stage where I did not want to be there as it was lethal, to anyone with disabilities.

I think a lot of people who really need these electric scooters need them for a very good reason, but these days other people seem to use them just so they do not have to walk, even if there is nothing at all wrong with them.
I have come to the conclusion that people gave completely lost all respect for others, and that is very sad.
I dread to think what it will be like when it comes to Christmas, as things will become totally manic.


  1. Ken I often find myself craving a quiet environment in which to think ... the world seems so often to be noisy and rushed. Its very disconcerting

  2. I now use the electric scooters supplied, I feel safer, it's less tiring and makes the whole visit a bit less distressing, Chris ��

  3. Hi Chris, sounds like an interesting idea, although I am not sure how I would cope on one of those these days. I would probably run everyone over, suppose it would clear the store very fast. haha

  4. Nice to see your post again,Always love to read your post.Thanks for sharing and keep posting !!!


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