Mini mental test

From what I was told last week, it seems as if the mini mental test is being scrapped, because it's only us is detecting Alzheimer's disease.
I have heard many people complaint about thus test over the last few years and wondered why it was being used at all but now thus makes sense. 
Other people use more complicated tests as I have spoken about before, but many are questioning these tests too, because the results mean nothing to those with the illness or carers, because there is no right to wrong answers. Or it seems that way.

I would dearly love a clinical psychologist to come on board to explain it all in plain language.

But someone said the other day that it's all to do with statistics?

If there is anyone out there who is willing to explain this in easy to understand language, I will gladly publish it on my blog, so that it helps others to understand it all.

There must be a hospital physiologist somewhere who can explain this in easy to understand words, so we can understand what this test is for, and what you gain from it.

I myself get very annoyed after this test because I do not have the ability to answer the questions honestly without taking a guess, because I cannot remember what was said, perhaps it's something else or perhaps it's not just Lewy body dementia but mixed I simply don't know. 

In normal life we do not have prompts we either remember, or it's gone, and in my daily life if I get up from my chair to write something in my computer, by the time I sit down it's all gone in a few moments 


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