Dementia and pain

We hear a lot of talk about dementia and pain, yet like it or not this subject is very vague.

As an engineer I was always hurting myself accidentally and I knew whether the pain was serious or not, but now things have changed, since I got the Lewy body dementia.

I have no idea how bad the pain is, or where the site of the pain is. We are hear about doctors etc asking how bad the pain is on a score of 1-10, yet to be honest I really cannot answer that anymore.

I am now struggling with pain in my right hip and knee. As well as that my right foot keeps dragging on the ground and this too is painful at times. But I really could not tell anyone where the site of the pain is or how bad it is, apart from the fact that it stops me doing things at times because of the discomfort.

I can have a guess, but that would be it, my ideas of pain have changed so much over the last few years.

So how on earth do people in the later stages cope with pain, and how do carers or care homes cope when they may not be aware of the full details. 

Pain in dementia is a topic on it's own which needs a lot of work doing so that training can be given to all who need it. 


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