Cost of caring for some one with Dementia

After the news article the other day telling everyone how much it costs to care for someone with dementia "called the dementia tax", I was let trying to think of the right words to answer.

When I look at this country these days it always makes me wonder who we can trust when they go to Westminster, because they are mostly there for themselves, and not for those who voted for them.

I say this because if Mr Cameron was honest enough to want to do something for people with dementia, he would get on with it, instead of trying to act like a friend when in fact he is doing the opposite. 

When we look around these days very few people in highly paid jobs pay tax or pay the right amount they are required to by law, they use off shore accounts like the premier league footballers.

If all of these people paid their tax like the normal everyday person you meet on the street, we would have a better system to look after all in need including those with dementia.

It's a disgrace that people with dementia are penalised like this but this will never end until we get honest people in parliament. 
I always remember speaking to a minister after the launch of the national dementia strategy, and my wife asked if the money the government were putting into the strategy was new money, and we were both very shocked at his answer. No it's not new money, it's already in the system and just needs to be spend more wisely? 

So why did they tell the public that they were putting all this money into dementia in the first place. To me now I do think that these governments are doing nothing more than money laundering as they move it from one place to another, caring little about the damage caused.

When it comes to elections next year we should all ask serious questions about what these politicians really think about dementia treatment.

We also want a new strategy and one that removes these form of taxation on people with dementia and their carers, 

I always remember an old comedian called Dick Emery who once said. The only time a politician told the truth is when his lips are sewn up, and like some friends who have this illness I am starting to believe this 


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