Looking back over the week

I have had a chance to look back over the week now starting with the visit to see the new consultant, and now feel more confused than ever.

I guess this is because she asked why no one had looked into the Parkinson disease side of the Lewy body dementia.

But having looked into it, there are a lot of things which could be caused by either illness, and I suppose until I see a specialist in parkinsons I will not understand it any better.

I now know that parkinsons could be causing my eyesight problems, which have now come back, but I am not going back to the eye hospital as I feel that it could complicate things.

I had never been told that parkinsons could cause blurred or double vision, which is a pity as it could explain everything.

I was talking about my fear of going down stairs the other day, then my wife pointed out, that when we are out shopping etc, she always goes down stairs or on the elevator in front of me.

I confess that I had not realised this, but now it makes sense, as the times which concern me are usually first thing in the morning.

I have been struggling at night again, as I cannot always work out what is real and what is just in the brain. Like many people I need to get up during the night, but it's getting more and more difficult to stay focused.

 I think these problems are caused by the graphic dreams and nightmares, so graphic that I look back and wonder" did I get up and go to the toilet" or was it part of the nightly horrors. I wonder if this is called delusion.

This gets so graphic that it's very frightening at times.

I now realise that while this is going on I cannot go away for a holiday, as the insurance company will now stop it until we get some concrete answers.

Still I just have to try to stay positive and wait 


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