New consultant and more tests

Yesterday I saw a new consultant about my Lewy body dementia and came away very positive apart from the neurological tests and questions where they ask questions and give prompts.

 In real life we never get prompts for the things I kept forgetting to do.

However I have spent many hours a week doing things like solitaire puzzles and mah jong, which can be addictive, but my my wife is convinced that this is helping my brain remain active.  

However I am being sent for some new tests to see what is causing the tremors in my right hand, this is to see the Parkinson specialist, to check whether it is Parkinson's related, or if something else is behind it.

I also have to see the physiotherapist about my falls and dizziness, so hopefully things are now starting to move.

I had more tests than enough at the clinic, but I could not remember what they were all for. However  my wife said that she felt positive that a consultant was actually trying her ber to get the bottom of the problems so that life can be made a little bit easier.

I have noticed that I now struggle to get down stairs, but I am determined to fight this. It seems as it it's a long way down, when I am stood at the top of the stairs, and I am not sure what to hang on to, whether this has turned into a fear of heights I am not sure, but hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

At least I could understand this consultant which was a great help.


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