Antibiotics and Dementia

I am wondering if antibiotics cause extra problems to those who have dementia, because since I started my last dose of this drug, I have been living in a dark place, where I have been very agitated and annoyed at times, taking it out on anyone who got too close, including my poor wife.

I feel as if my head is a a big vice, and find it hard to concentrate let alone think straight.

I have lost count of the amount of these tablets I have had since early December for chest infections which will not clear, and now I have decided that I cannot take anymore, and will just have to take the consequences if this does not clear by tomorrow lunch time, when this medication ends.

I know that they are there for a very good reason, but I now feel enough is enough, and I will try to carry on without them.

This has been a difficult decision to make, but I do think its the only one I can think of, as I want my life back again, and if the infection comes back I will have to face the consequences later.

I have been warned that if this does not clear I will be sent to hospital, but as my wife knows only too well, I will never allow them to do that as I have a fear of those places now, and there is no way I will give in.

But I have heard today that a dear friend in Scotland has had the same problems as me, and this proves that there is something going on between antibiotics and dementia, and perhaps the doctors have not made the link yet.

I know that doctors don't understand everything about this illness, but some of ours completely ignore my problems at times, as if they know better, then they complain when things do not work.

Why not listen to us first and then try.

Two of our doctors are brilliant and are dementia friendly so to speak, but you cannot guarantee to see the same doctor every time you go these days so there is not continuity.

 I am off to Southwark tomorrow so lets hope the change of air makes a difference

Just have to hope that things improve from now on 


  1. Did u ever find out more info on this subject? Mum being treated for UTI but has gone down hill rapidly since taking antibiotics. She is usually only slightly cognitively impaired but now sleeps all the time and doesn't know what day it is.

  2. It turns out that mum, even though being in hospital, was badly dehydrated and that's why she went down hill. Since we insisted on her being put on a drip she has picked up.


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