Dementia and Eyesight problems

Follow up of a previous article
After all of the tests were done on my eyes I confess that I am have no more idea about this subject that I had originally.

I noticed some time ago, that my eyesight was giving me problems when trying to read and concentrate on things like my blog, but when I got my eyes tested I was told there is nothing wrong.

I know that my brain fluctuates quite regularly during the day, through my Lewy Body Dementia, and I go from being active to not being able to work things out, so I am now wondering whether this has some effect on my eyesight as well as this also fluctuates, and after a while it becomes annoying.
I sometimes get blurred vision and other times I see double. I had double vision problems many years ago and it was corrected, but that was before the Lewy Body dementia started.

I also have word blindness, so I don't always understand words these days, and on other days find it very difficult to spell or think how to spell words, which is very distressing
Understanding numbers now is also distressing especially when it gets to larger numbers, I get very confused.

I confess that I am starting to wonder if the dementia is behind this, especially as it’s intermittent and not there all of the time.
I try to keep myself active but when this starts it causes upset as I cannot do the things I want to do, or cannot see properly to concentrate.
 There is now a lot of research going on into this subject, and I am waiting to see what happens, as many people with dementia, that I know seem to be having problems with eyesight too.
I am convinced that although the double vision was found and corrected, it has left me wondering about the other problems that I have on a daily basis.
I am convinced now that the most of these problems can only be caused by the Lewy Body Dementia, or dementia in general, but I confess that I got so stressed out with the people doing the tests that I lost interest.
I do think that this was because they seemed to have little or no idea about the project they were working on. 
It is so sad because the idea behind this was good, and could possibly have succeeded if those doing the tests had been more helpful and understanding. 
Even the Eye hospital could not say whether dementia can cause problems with the eyes. 
Perhaps sometime  in the future someone will complete these tests and come out with a plausible answer.  

I know that my eyes change quite a lot and this causes a lot of stress, even with the new spectacles, but I guess that's all down to trying to live with a brain disease 

But it must be remembered that there are many variations of dementia, and not everyone may struggle with eyesight problems. We will just have to wait to see what happens

As with all illnesses, we need to know about problems like this, not because I am angry at having the illness, but because the more information we have the easier life will be, to cope with in the long run 


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