Not a good week

Its been a grim week for me all round, and very distressing.

It seems that every time I open my mouth the wrong words have been coming out, and it has caused distress to not only to my but also my wife.

I don't want to upset her, as she gets me through the day with this illness, but it just happens, and this week has been worse than ever before.

I know that there has been a lot of stress at home recently, as the house next door has only started doing the rebuilding after last years flood, and everyone else in the area have been back in since January, but I am hoping that this is nearly finished

I am due to see the specialist or at least the locum early next month, so we will see what they say.

My problem is that as its a locum, I am not sure what they will do, until a new consultant is in place.

Our last consultant left for a new hospital, early this year and a replacement has not been found yet, and she was so good and will be missed by many patients and staff.

I am not sure whether my medication needs to be increased, to stop this, we shall just have to wait and see what happens, and see what they say, because I don't want this to go on over Christmas, as that would horrible.

We also have our wedding anniversary this week, and I am dreading that, in case I upset my wife again, that would be too much to take, even though I know I am not in control of my brain

Even shopping has been a nightmare this week, and I got to the stage where I really did not want to go out, but that would be giving in completely to this illness and I am not ready to do that just yet.

I went to a dementia play at Northumbria University the other day, and enjoyed it although getting there was grim as Newcastle was full of students, or young people who seemed to be getting in the way all of the time.

But perhaps that's just my spacial awareness problems and not them.

The play was well done and informative to all of the student nurses who were there, and the all seemed to enjoy it.

We are going to our daughter's for a few days so hopefully that will help things a little, especially seeing the three other grandchildren.



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