Another chest Infection

I went to the Doctors today to learn that I had a chest infection and that was the cause of all my problems last week.

It all got worse last night, when I ended up going to bed at 7.30 feeling grim, and having a pounding headache as if I had been shot through the head just in front of my ears.

I had been lying on the bed listening to some classical music, but had to turn it off as it all sounded distorted.

I knew it was not distorted but it was my brain playing up, but I couldn't stand the music, even though I love relaxing to it normally.

Its amazing how much distress and destruction a chest infection can cause.

My wife told the doctor that she can always tell when something is brewing, just by watching me, so perhaps I should take more notice of her.

The doctor did say that chest infections cause havoc when someone has dementia

Although last week was so horrendous and I guess that I would not have taken much notice of anyone the way I felt.

Without our carers we would be totally lost.


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