Do not distrurb as I am Concentrating

I often wonder why it is that when I am concentrating on getting something done, I can always guarantee that someone will stop me doing the work by asking a question, usually something either totally stupid or nothing at all to do with me.

These days it takes a lot to concentrate on everything I do, so it is hard, when something or someone breaks this concentration, and once it has been broken it takes a long time to start all over again.

I personally find this sort of thing to be very frustrating and annoying, because it is usually done by someone who should know better.

I can accept that some people may forget at times that we have these problems, but there are times when it does not make it any easier, and its very difficult to try to keep quiet, let alone tell them to disappear and leave you alone.

Children seem to sense that you are concentrating and tend to steer clear, where adults jump straight in with both feet, and give you a strange look when you get annoyed, because you have forgotten what you were writing or trying to say.

It never bothered me when this happened before but I suppose its getting harder and harder to concentrate these days, and even harder to remember what I am trying to write or say.

Perhaps I need a big sign on my back or above me saying,


Then I guess others would get upset and think I am simply being rude


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