Holiday in Turkey

Today my wife said she wanted  to get away for a holiday as we are both very tired.

So we have booked up and are preparing for the holiday of a life time with a visit to Turkey early next month. This is a place we have always wanted to go to as it has so much history, and its where the East meets the West so to speak.

We both love anything to do with history rather than being beach dwellers, something I cannot do anywhere, so its something to look forward to all being well.

I thought that the insurance company would stop me going with my dementia, but they seem happy to allow me to go, so now its all down to planning what we want to see while we are there.

My wife is a bit fussy with her food but these days I will eat anything that's going including spicy foods, so that again will be interesting, as I don't eat English food while we away, if I can help it at all.
It would be interesting to see how the Turkish people see dementia while we are there, but there again it depends on whether we see anything which points us in the right direction.

Here's hoping 


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