Alzheimer's Talking Point

Alzheimer’s Society Talking Point
Many dementia charities have a chat room or discuss point where people can go with their problems whether they have the illness, or are caring for someone with the illness, we are all going on this journey together, and by sharing the information we are helping each other out.

    A few years ago the Alzheimer’s Society set up a web page /chat room called talking point, where people with dementia, carers or family members, could go for advice, or just to discuss daily problems, and share information.

 Since then it has really taken off and now has more sections to cover most aspects of the illness.

These pages are moderated by volunteer moderators, from all aspects of the illness, and they also come from various parts of the world, so there is a wealth of experience.

Many people come here on a night after they have been given a diagnosis, because as we all know that it’s after we leave the hospital or the doctors that the questions start to come, by which time the hospital department has closed and there is no one to talk to.

 As well as the serious side there are also sections where people can learn about the news from the Alzheimer’s Society, or they can go to the tea room and do things like telling funny stories or tell jokes.  

We may have this horrible illness but many of us still have a sense of humour, and that is good.

 Anyone can become a member of talking point, no matter where they live in the world simply by registering, and all are made welcome.

 So if you need somewhere to go and discuss a certain problem concerning dementia, please go to talking point as it is in operation 24/7 and no matter what time you log in, you will find a friendly person at the end.

 Sometimes people with dementia go there when like me they have problems sleeping, or carers who are having a rough night with a loved one.

 I was a volunteer moderator myself for a short period, but gave up as I was struggling with eyesight problems, and did not want to make a mistake by giving the wrong advice.

However I really enjoyed doing the job and would recommend it to anyone, who has time to spare and who also wants to do something really good, while helping themselves and others with this difficult illness.

 The link to this website is at the bottom of the page 

The society also produces a vast array of fact sheets which cover most aspects of dementia, and are very informative, and well worth reading.

                                Get Support Sections

    1. I have dementia
    2. I have a partner with dementia
    3. I care for a person with dementia
    4. Younger people with dementia and their carers
    5. Lesbian and gay people with dementia and their carers
    6. Memory concerns and seeking a diagnosis
    7. Recently diagnosed with dementia
    8. Mid-stages of dementia: support and care
    9. Later stages of dementia and end of life
    10. After dementia — dealing with loss

Other headings which many find extremely helpful

3.     Helpful websites

Random groups within Talking Point
Bottom of Form

Gardening tips and advice

Can anyone recommend a tree

Lets have a discussion

Word games

Word association

Baking, recipes, tips from a professional

Gardening our hobby until Alzheimers stole my husband


Life Stories

Writing about ones life

Ideas needed


Don’t know


User involvement Advisory Group

Struggling with the lose of loved ones from Alzheimer’s

Northern Island based carers and their loved ones in care

Religion – how different religions deal with dementia

Nursing homes “widows and widowers”

Forget about Alzheimer’s by engaging with your favorite art form

 Link to the website


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