Strange things which happen

The other day I went for a walk to the supermarket with my wife, daughter and Grandchildren and as I was tired when we arrived, and the children had gone on their bikes and scooters, I decided to sit out side in the sun and wait for them to come out again.

While I was there I remember looking at a large bicycle which was in a stand directly in front of me, about 12 feet away from where I was sat, so obvious that I could not miss it.

I was looking at this and watching the shop door for around 5 minuets, but was shocked when I looked at the bicycle again to find that it had gone? But where, I know it had been there and never saw anyone move to remove it.

Was this my mind? I simply don't know, but I am convinced it was there as I had seen it two days prior to this

I was totally shocked by this and started to doubt myself, even tough I am convinced in my own mind that it was there in the first place. is this my Lewy Body Dementia playing up again


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