Lewy body dementia and eyesight

A few months ago, or so its seems I wrote about having problems with my eyesight, and how people think it is all connected to the Lewy Body Dementia.

Having been put through a lot of tests over the last few months, I was beginning to wonder what was happening as I have periods of Double vision, which can be annoying when trying to watch television or read.

After being through tests done by Dendron the Dementia and Neurological Research  Unit, I was sent for more tests after they decided that more needed doing, as they thought it was interesting.

Then the Eye consultant told me to blank one eye out with a handkerchief, behind my glasses. This is fine but it means everyone looks at you, perhaps thinking that my wife has given me a black eye, I say that in jest, as I gave her one during a very bad night  when I was having one of my nightmares, caused again by this weird illness.

But I opted to walk around or watch television with one eye shut, and I am getting used to doing it now when I see two of something.

However that can cause upset when someone like the Grandchildren or my daughter come and give me a kiss , as I shut one eye as soon as someone gets within three feet of my face, otherwise I see tow of them. The sad think is that children don't understand what you are doing.

This has now restricted my life as I don't now drive as much as I did, and have had to get used to using my left eye for photography.

I am having to return to the Eye hospital again this week to have some more tests done, in the hope that they will say, that its just this illness and there is nothing more they can do. I then have a second appointment two weeks later to get the answers.

I have seen some articles this week which confirm double vision etc, in Lewy Body Dementia so perhaps its another change in life, and one that may get worse in time, along with balance problems which seem to have started.

Life is fun when you are healthy and you never appreciate your health until the bits fall off or stop working.

Perhaps one day they may be able to do and perfect a brain transplant, and then like computers we can have a new memory fitted.


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