Dementia and places if worship

I have heard many comments about priests and dementia some of which makes me very angry

One was once heard to say that its a waste of time doing services in care homes etc, as those with the illness don't know the tunes or the words, and just sit there looking into the garden.

I did wonder whether he was boring those poor people to death, but I was left a little shocked and annoyed when I heard these words, as I could not believe my ears.

What sort of clergyman goes to a care home etc to take a service and comes out with pathetic comments like this.

Do they really not understand that many people with memory problems got into religion at an early age in life, and therefore, these things are built into their memories.

To us its a ritual and a major part of our life, and not one we want changing just for the sake of doing it.

They like the old hymns and forms of service without long winded sermons, yet these people cannot get this into their heads that we like our services to be short and don't want to listen to the gospel according to this or that political party as many seem to do these days.

As a person who once wrote to a bishop about Dementia, I was left staggered by his lack of understanding and care, let alone the fact that it totally ignored what I had said.

Perhaps sooner rather than later these people will be trained to  take on board , what is happening in society and do something about it.

Lets be very honest many churches are kept going by older people who attend on a regular basis and ask for nothing but respect, something I fear many clergy don't understand these days.


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