Nice walk in the park

After last weeks disaster of being a rubbish week, I decided to get up early and go for a walk round the local park before the dog walkers and bike riders got out, so that I could enjoy the peace and sit for a while watching and photographing the birds and wildlife.

I enjoy this as its so peaceful and if you sit long enough the birds ignore you and even come up to see what your doing.

Its so relaxing that I could sit there all day. Of cause its not all plane sailing when you have an illness like dementia, as we tend to forget the settings, and we don't have the speed that other people have on their side, so a lot of this is down to good luck.

I do feel that it is a hobby which needs support, but these days there are very few people who have the experience who will gladly spend time helping us with hobbies like this. These photos are not perfect, but I am proud of them and feel as if I have achieved something wonderful

When the sun came out the water colour was beautiful
I took this for the reflections 
Pairing up
Bath time

Love is in the air

Landing time
Out for a walk
Coming in to land

Family outing
This water is cold
Follow the leader
Families day out
This is a wonderful hobby on the good days when I remember the settings, and it allows me to sit with the animals and birds where I feel quite relaxed.


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