GPs and Dementia

We hear a lot about GPs supposedly doing more these days yet it is becoming more and more difficult to see a GP when you really need them.

Many are working fewer and fewer hours these days, so just how do you get to see one, and how can the services be improving.

I recently when to see one of ours as I had been struggling with a cough which was making me choke and ended up sleeping in a chair so that I did not disturb my wife.

After a month of this my wife said we had to do something, so we went to see the doctor.
She said that my chest was crackling? but there was not infection. However she put me on antibiotics which did not make any sense at all if there was no infection.

When we left the surgery I asked my wife if she was happy seeing someone who really did not want to be there and she looked rather puzzled.
Then I told her that the GP was doing online shopping while seeing her patients, and this shook her.
I found this sort of thing to be rude and very arrogant, and also showed lack of respect to her patients.

Yes GPs may be busy but so is everyone else, and to be honest when I worked I did over 50 hours a week, sometimes up to 80 as I was an engineer on call.

Yet these doctors are doing less work than the average person and getting twice as much money for it.

I hear that GPs are going to be running the health service in the future, and this I find staggering when this sort of thing goes on in surgeries, and lets be honest it can not be a one off.

I did not have an infection as I still have the cough although its not as bad, but I have heard since that it could be to do with my asthma? not an infection, which may well be caused by the fact that we are in a flat with night storage heaters which seem to dry the air out.

As well as that when we go to our house, the fumes are bad due to the paint, but they are due to finish today, and it would be nice to sit and do things even though we can not move back in till January.

 I confess that it worries me that these GPs are responsible for all patients including those with dementia who cannot fend for themselves. If I had gone to this doctors on a bad day I would never have noticed what they were doing on the computer, but I have to ask if others are doing the same thing as there are always large gaps between one patient leaving and the net going in.

I am dreading these people taking over the health service as some only work two or three days a week and get very well paid for this service.


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