Processing information

Most people these days cope quite well with daily things, and don't struggle to cope with thought  processing problems 

I guess I did not know anything about this subject, until I was hit by these problems 

I guess it all started the day I went to look at an Electrical distribution board, and realised that nothing made sense anymore, I no longer understood what cable was what. 

That was just the start of the slippery slope, and since then things have got much worse 

But when you no longer understand your job, or your hobby, life becomes very hard. 

It's like buying a new gadget, and then finding that you don't understand the instruction manual
Like reading an article in a newspaper and then realising that you did not understand what it meant. 

I have struggled with processing information for some time now, and I guess it becomes distressing at times, because my brain is slowing down.

I often sit in meetings and struggle to understand fully what people are saying. 

But I always take my wife with me, so that she can explain things to me when needed. 

The problem is that if you misunderstood what was being said, and you then answered wrongly, then that  is very embarrassing as well as distressing  

If I am asked to do a presentation somewhere, I need time to sit down and decide what I want to say, and then take my time writing it out,  

I simply cannot turn up and do it on the hoof, as many people do these days .

This in turn is usually done by voice activated software on my computer. 

So we just write some notes out, before sitting in front of the computer and talking through the topic, the machine does everything itself 

This way I don't have to keep looking at the keyboard, and then back up at the screen to see what's been written 

While I was working I was involved in committee meetings, and could just sit and answer questions as they came. These days I need time to think them through 

I have no idea what caused this to happen, but I understood from MCI scans in 2009 that the results showed signs of  "Ischemia and Cerebral Atrophy" what ever that may be.

This was after my diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia, so whether I have a mixed form of dementia I don't know 

But this thought processing can take its toll on your hobbies etc, as it takes longer to work your way through it all

I have realised recently  that unless I have support at home, I cannot cook anymore, apart from microwave food,  but even then, it's getting things done in the correct order. 

After years of being able to cook, this has hit me very hard. 

Even answering emails etc has become a nightmare, because I don't always see the obvious, and my wife has to correct things, which is very distressing at times


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