Ending Blog

First written June 2018 and finished September 2018

After giving it a lot of thought over the last few months, I have decided to finally stop writing this blog now

This is for a few reasons, but first and foremost I am struggling to put my thoughts into writing,  without saying the wrong thing and sounding rude or aggressive.

I know I am getting very tired these days, and struggling to think clearly, but I guess this is a build up of medical problems  which are starting to make life very difficult. 

However I was starting to  think of closing the blog down in January and then in June,  because of my problems of putting my thoughts into words. 

I have re-used a few old blogs over the last  few months, in the hope of getting myself motivated, but realised that it's not going to work 

I have enjoyed doing this over the years, but I have lost total  interest,  but will let the blog run as it may help others.

I vaguely remember the fact this blog was  started by mistake, but it's been a journey, which I never expected, and lead to many new friends over the last few years.

My wife and I looked at the blog the other month,  and realised that it's been read by nearly 300-000 people in 120 countries,  which was quite an achievement, and one I am pleased with.

It's hard to accept that this post took nearly 6 months to write properly and get ready to send off, but that's life 

Shortly I will also be stopping using Twitter, for the same reasons. 

But life goes on. Thank you for all of your kind comments over the years.
Best wishes


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