Real dedication

Over the last week we have seen some horrendous weather, which did it's best to  cripple the country.
But during this time we have seen many people think of others rather than just themselves.
We have seen people turn out in 4x4 vehicles and offering their services to get patients and  staff to hospitals free of charge
Some garages offering new,  4x4 vehicles to emergency services to assist them in their work
People going out to pick up prescriptions for people who simply could not leave their homes.
We have seen people go out and help recover vehicles stuck in the snow
But it's amazing to see people like nurses who struggled to get into work, spending their nights sleeping in the hospital so that they were there for the next days shift. 
This is real dedication,  because as we all know nurses put their patients first,  and its been proved this week.
I heard this morning that a  road clearance crew in County Durham , scaled a fence to rescue sheep buried deep in snow.
There have been many amazing stories,  during the week and they still keep coming.
Our security alarm provider who is based in Consett in County Durham, MAC, have used their company landrover to help stranded vehicles get up a hill near to their office.
People who a homeless were offered accommodation in our two large football grounds, so that they were inside, and  well away from the snow on the streets 
Pubs and Cafe owners etc, took out hot food to those in need.
Over the last year or so, many people feel that the country has hit an all time low as far as spirits were concerned, but this weather seems to have brought back some form of community spirit, something that's been missing for a long time
Thank you to all who went out of their way to support others, and that includes our emergency services.
Well done to you all


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