Disabilities and respect

Over the years people with disabilities have not been given the respect and dignity they deserve, and in some cases, they have been very badly treated.

This seems to be the case everywhere we go these days, whether at work based places, or if it's in a voluntary basis, and I am not convinced that things have moved on far enough these days 

I know that many people struggle in the work place these days, and that his down to ignorance as far as management are concerned. But it also happens in the voluntary sector too.

Most if this is because quite a few illnesses are not visible. That is to say, a broken leg etc can be noticed by everyone, where other illnesses like dementia or illnesses where some people may be on the spectrum are not always recognised, or made allowances for. 

I have learnt quite a lot from my granddaughter who is on the spectrum, because she knows the difference between right and wrong, and usually does not need to be told something twice.

While she may have problems, many people may not allow her the respect or dignity she deserves, yet she like others, is living life with a hidden illness like many of us these days 

This is only one case, but how many other people within society do not give people the respect they deserve

Its like many other illnesses like dementia where people look quite normal from the outside, but their brain has stopped working the way it should and they make mistakes, which many in society these days either don't understand or don't accept.

There are other Neurological illnesses these days, like Parkinson's,  which are not recognised by many in society, and many believe that everyone who staggers around, or falls down is drunk or on drugs, when in fact it may well be their illness

Far too many people judge others before looking for the true answer, and that is very wrong

I do think far too many people are quick jump to the wrong conclusions to get an answer, with out asking the correct questions  or thinking it out properly

Everyone in this world should be treated with the same Dignity an Care, that others take for granted, however in reality this never happens these days.


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