Walking with Comorbidities

With most illnesses these days we are encouraged to remain active, whether  that's by taking part  in sport or walking as and when we can.

Sometimes it's not easy, because with some illnesses you can't walk as far as you used to do.

These days I feel restricted due to various problems, but I still try to walk as far as I can.

When I was at school I used to walk to and from school everyday, unless the weather was really bad

I used to save my bus fare money  up, and use it for something else. This was because I enjoyed the walks there and back with school friends who lived nearby 

When I was in the Scouts I really enjoyed hiking around the country, or walking around mountains, because I loved the countryside, along with the peace at times 

While I was restricted by breathing problems at times, I kept pushing myself to keep up with others, and never give in or stopped, until I really had too. 

I suppose in those days,  it was not an option, because I did not want to feel like a week link, or hold others up 

As a teenager I always had chest problems, which were put down as asthma,  but I was still fairly active 

I was never one to sit and do nothing at all, and my parents always thought there was something wrong, because,  I never sat down for very long before I was bored out of my mind 

I was one if those who was always on the move or doing something to keep myself occupied.

I  always loved walking and have walked on many occasions, when I could and possibly should have got a bus.

Yes I have a free bus pass, but it's only used on journeys that are too far to walk.

 I get annoyed when people get on  a bus at one stop, then get off at the next bus stop, which up is usually 500 yards away. 

To me that's being lazy, unless you have serious medical problem, but I do think these free bus passes encourage many to be lazy these days. 

Ever since I was diagnosed as having early onset Lewy Body Dementia,  I have tried to remain active. 

However many professionals have said in the past that people Iike me should sit down and take it easy, most of those were social workers.

I have never done that unless my chest has been playing up. I would rather enjoy life in whatever way I can.

Even if I am wheezing when i breathe at times, I force myself to carry on.  This is because it's good to exercise the lungs.

These days I struggle to walk the long  distances, due to my torn knee, Osteoarthritis in the hip, coupled with Bilareral Bronchiectasis and Emphysema, but I still try to push myself as much as I can.

Sometimes I hit lucky and enjoy it, but then on other days I know I have done too much

However on those days I usually pay for it later, but which time it's too late.

Walking helps the breathing if you pace yourself properly, and that in turn keeps us fit.

These days I usually take my camera with me, so that it's easier to pace myself, however I have been known to get carried away when watching wildlife, and then I walk too far. 

However photography has allowed me to remain active, and keep my mind occupied

This side of things I do for my memory problems. 

However it's hit and miss, and I can go out sometimes, then just forget the camera settings which is stressful 

There is something quite relaxing and calming,  about going for a walk around the riverside park, and spending time sitting with the swans and ducks

Some people find swans to be intimidating, but I find them quite calming

Two weeks ago my wife bought a garmin vivofit and I have managed to pace myself each day, and this device keeps track on how far I have walked.

This is then downloaded on to the computer every night.

Yes there are days when I don't walk every day due to my medical conditions, but I do my best and that's the important thing.

It's too easy to sit back and do nothing when you can't be bothered, but I know that if I keep going, it's better for me all round 

These days I have to keep covered up, because I burn if I am in the sun too long. The doctor said that it's because of all of the antibiotics and other medication. 

I have never been one to use sun  caps, so I find these things hard to get on with, but after being badly sunburnt I realise that they are important 

Its also been pointed out that the long term use of these medicines also mean that the eyes can get burnt ?

I find this  very hard to understand, but I have been told that it's a fact, so I have to cover my eyes too, 

But it's all for the best and I have to accept these changes 


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