Dementia Friendly Banks?

Over the last few years, a lot of work has been done in Banks to make them Dementia Friendly, but I do wonder if they have now had second thoughts
My wife and I went round lots of North East Branch's of Lloyds Bank doing Dementia Friends training, and we were very proud of their work.
Now things have changed, but not for the best
These days the staff in our local branch,  insist on pushing people to use the machines, rather than speaking to a person at the till.
I confess that I hardly use these machines, unless my wife is there for support, because they confuse me.
I know that I am not alone with this,  because other people have spoken out about it.
It seems that Lloyds are cutting costs by reducing the numbers of staff at the cash tills,  are expecting everyone to use these machines.
However when you see the people queuing up,  it's obvious that many don't feel comfortable using these machines.
In our branch, most of the staff and managers have been changed, but we are lucky in as much as we still have a branch at the moment, because many local branches have been replaced by a mobile bank.
I don't like this at all, because I get very nervous using machines in the first place, but won't use external machines, which are next to a busy bus stop, where other people can watch what you are doing .
I do wonder how many of these new staff really understand that many people with neurological illnesses,  and the elderly etc,  don't cope with technology in first place.
It seems to me that they would be better using the extra tills,  rather than having extra staff on the floor, pushing people towards self service machines
Before this all happened, most of the staff were caring and understanding, now I really wonder
It worries me that many other companies are claiming to be Dementia Friendly, and are doing the courses for the wrong reasons, or are doing the courses but not  actually following through and doing something positive for thise living with dementia


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