Experts in dementia

Over the last few weeks and months I have been left staggered by the so called experts, who know what causes dementia and Alzheimer's.

Last week I heard a very heated discussion among a coach party  about how aluminium causes Alzheimer's.
But does it.

If that's the cause, why is it that everyone who used aluminium pots and pans in the 1950 1960s,  did not go on to develop Alzheimer's.

I do feel that the media are feeding people's brains with this sort of unfounded rubbish, just to sell their papers etc.

I do think that it's time newspapers were stopped from writing lies about illnesses, because they are only making things worse for those living with the illness

Quite a few years ago I met someone who was to become an old friend.   He was also dignosed as having Lewy Body Dementia,  and we spent many hours discussing some of the media speculation.

Along with this we spent time discussing our jobs at the time, both  of which had involved working on live high voltage electrical distribution boards.

We both wondered if this had in some way caused our problems,   because there is so much unknown about the effects of working on live electricity, apart from electrocution, if you make the slightest mistake

In my office we also had a base station for two way radios, which other people carried around the college, and I used to get horrendous headaches at times.

This was put down to the radio frequency,  and the fact that the walls were lined with some think membrane.

So little is known about these two way radios etc, and it's like mobile phones.

I understood that the government hid a report on the dangers of using mobile phones when I was working,  and this in made much worse when you are on a busy street,  where there are lots of Chinese people etc.

You never see one of these people with a mobile phone stuck to their ears, it's always in front of them well away from their ears.

So do these people know more about the effects of mobile phones on our brains than we do, or are they more cautious than we are in this country.

However dementia has been around a lot longer than Aluminium pans or mobile phones, so I guess no one has the answers to these questions

Which ever way it goes, we are all going to die with something, so why don't the media leave us all alone, unless they have real medical evidence.


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