Dementia Tax

After 5 hours I have managed to write this article, about something I find to be disgusting

Over the last few days we have heard all about the Tory Governments "Dementia Tax"

But in all honesty,  I do  think that it's more than a Dementia Tax, it's a tax on all of those who have terminal illness in what ever form it is,  and need care at home

Many people want to die at home these days, and why not.

But if it was not for the savage cuts to Council Budgets, we would not be in this mess in the first place

Social care is now mainly run by Private companies rather than our own council services, so it's going to cost a lot more
They also forget that most of the care at home is done by family members,  with a little support from outside, and that includes the "Government"

There are better ways of cutting costs these days, but for some reason this Government does not want to look carefully at where cuts should be made. 

They are hitting the vulnerable in this country and that is awful, considering we are supposed to be a "Christian Country". 

Dementia like other Nurological illnesses is not self inflicted, therefore we have done nothing to get this illness, yet we are being victimised by the Government 

While social care costs a lot of money, I think the terminally ill  are being held to ransom

My main concern is that some people who are living with Dementia etc, may wish to end their lives, so that their families are not left with huge debt or living with the fear of losing their homes 

While this  tax appears to have been stalled at present,  the Prime Minister says that she is going to look at it again once her Government are back in control after the election, so this must mean that she intends to push it though at any cost at a later date.

I do wonder if this so called Christian Prime Minister has any idea about the terrifying pressure she is adding to those living with Dementia or any other terminal illness now.

Her actions are certainly not the actions of normal  caring Christians, and I do wonder how she can enter a church with a clear mind on Sundays

We now have a general election, and it's up to everyone to vote, to protect the sick and elderly who have done so much for this country

The choice is yours please make your vote  "count"  but please stop this tax on the terminally ill because it's disgusting and very wrong


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