Aging population

I think we all know, that most people are living much longer than they did years ago, but that's because medical treatment is much better these days, as well as the fact that we have much better living  conditions

But its terrible when we hear people like politicians complaining about the aging population and blaming them for adding to,  or causing the Health service problems, and this makes me feel  annoyed

Many of these elderly people have worked extremely hard in their lives,   and have  paid their taxes in full, unlike today where tax can be paid offshore, so that you can keep most of your money away from the government. 

The thought of doing that years ago would have been looked at as fraud, yet these days it's quite common.

But if everyone did this sort of thing there would be very little money to pay for things like the health services etc, and I think we are getting close to that point now, because so few people are paying their fair share of taxes in this country

These days funding is totally wrong,  because some of the wealthy councils in the UK are subsidised by the poorer councils. 

To  me council tax should be spent where it's been raised, and should not be sent off and used in other areas. We have also seen the savage cuts to county council budgets, which in turn hits things like social care

Over the years many councils run  care homes have been allowed to close down, so that they could be run by private companies, this in turn is just another way of hitting the sick and elderly

It's my view that care homes should be provided by the health service and should be open to all.

By doing this we could make sure, that hospitals are not clogged up by people, who should be at home, but don't have the support and backup.

It's my own personal view, that those who have worked and paid their taxes in full, should be looked after properly no matter what age they are.

Whether we like it or not the National Health Service was set up to provide health care for all, no matter what age they were or what illness they had.

If that means the NHS running care homes and social services, then so be it

But please stop blaming the health service problems on the elderly everytime we seem to be running out of money, because it's all down to very bad Governments.

If we look at it carefully the "NHS" is not just doctors surgeries and Hospitals as the Government keep implying, it also covers thousands of people working in big office blocks, with little to do with hospitals, yet these people get big pay rises every year, unlike nurses etc,

The NHS is full of these  quangos of little groups of people,   throwing money around as if it's their own. The problem is that no one has any idea how many Government Quangos are hiding within the NHS, but they are cost many £millions 

These groups were all removed under Maggie Thatcher because they were a waste of public money, yet the last Labour Government under chairman Blair and the Tory Party have brought them all back.

It's these other people within the NHS, who are using and wasting the money meant for hospitals etc.

Over the years it has been quite obvious that Governments in the UK are taking money from one pot and using it for something else, just like the car tax, which I gather is used to paid benefits.

For years the British Governments have lied about the state of the NHS, and have not ring fenced the money, and then allows it to be spent on something else

It we are to look after things like the NHS, then we need to stop wasting money on unless projects like HS2 / Cross Rail etc, and start using the money wisely
It is reported that these two projects are costing the UK nearly £100 Billion

We must remember that the elderly have  hard all of their lives, and as I said paid their taxes in full, and many others have served the country in the armed forces, therfore they should have priority over others who have not paid taxes in full.

However doctors are getting better at diagnosing and treating many illnesses these days, and while that's a good thing, with better treatments etc, come higher costs, especially in hospitals

These days we are seeing more and more cases of self inflicted problems which need hospital care and treatment,  including those who regularly go out and get totally drunk, and then end up needing extra hospital care.

To me these people should be charged, because many of them end up being abusive towards staff and other patients..

So we must look at the problem as a whole and stop blaming the elderly every time for the high costs.


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