Health service in crisis

Over the last few months we have heard lots of stories about the health service being I a crisis and it makes me wonder when it will all end.

It seems that this government is moving money around from one place to another and I don't  every remember this happening before.

We came home from our daughters last night,  we found a letter from the chest consultant explaining that things were worse than we expected

It also stated the changes in medication for the Bronchiectasis/ Emphysema/ and Asbestos related problems, but did not state whether I had to stop my other inhalers etc.

So we thought it best to go and ask at our doctors first, to ask the questions, and then get the prescription

However this morning  when my wife went to ask for a doctors appointment, where we could ask about the changes to the medication, and whether I carry on taking the other inhalers as usual she was told that there was no doctors appointments for 3 -4 weeks?

They also said that the letter, "if they had received it," could be in the practise somewhere, but perhaps it had not been put onto the system as such.

So how on earth can I change medication,  when I don't understand if I have to stop taking the old medication

I find this whole set up completely unacceptable this day and age.

We also wanted to ask a doctor to explain what the consultants letter meant, but it seems that this is a total waste of time.

This proves that it not just hospitals in crisis mode but also doctors surgeries

This also proves a point when it comes to overworked Accident and Emergency hospitals.

If people cannot get an appointment at there doctors,  they going to head for the hospital, and to me it's totally wrong.

However I do wonder how many doctors surgeries are run solely by part time GPs these days.

Most of our doctors seem to be part time, rather than full time so perhaps things are changing.

No wonder the NHS is in such a mess.


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