Pollution and Alzheimer's Disease

In the media over the last week they have spoken about links between heavy  traffic pollution and Alzheimer's Disease.

I have heard that people with lung problems such as Chronic Obstructive  Pulmonary Disease and Bronchiectasis can go on to get Mild Cognitive Impairment, so could this mean that other pollutants cause serious memory problems

Many people worked and lived in areas where pollution was high, but I guess you got to the stage where you just got on  with it.

In my job as an engineer I got into many hazardous areas, and worked in many areas that have now been reclassified as hazardous to health.

When we lived in Oxford, we lived near to one of the busiest roads leading into the city, and there were times we could taste the fumes.

We also had an allotment garden near to the road,  so I guess the fumes were going into the vegetables which were being grown there,. So  I think that it was a double whammy as far as toxic fumes go

Not far away, we had the city railway station, where diesel fumes were being pumped out every day. But as with many other places, you just got on with life

I know that this did not help my chest problems, but we had to live somewhere, and this road had been fairly quiet until the last few years when we lived there

This Oxford basin as it was known,  always had a mist or fog hanging over it to the west of the city where we lived, but whether this caused by the mist rising from the river etc, or whether it was a combination of mist and pollution we will never know

I guess this because the city council tried to ignore it, as it was bad for business,  and would cost too much to clean up.

While this may have been the start of my memory problems especially after being in hospital with pnumonia , I never  connected memory problems with anything else in life.

However it's still early days as far as this research is concerned, and it may be many years before we get the answers to this problem, is we ever do.


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