NHS in the news again

Over the last few days, we have  been  told yet again about the NHS being in terrible trouble.

Yet no one seems to be capable of getting to grips with the problem, or they simply don't care anymore.

This came to a head the other day when I was waiting for a chest scan, and then realised that the company doing this in an NHS hospital was Australian

I simply cannot belive that foreign companies can provide this service cheaper than their   UK counterparts, especially as they are using NHS equipment in the first place

But these days it seems that far too much NHS money is going to management who are vastly overpaid for their job, especially as they get gold plated hand shakes at the end, and never get sacked if their hospital fails.

When Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, she got rid of all of the quangos within the country especially in the NHS.
But it appears there are so many NHS quangos these days no one really knows what they do anymore, apart from wasting public money
I heard the other day that there are around 15 of these quangos, hiding within the NHS, and I was shocked.

When we hear about the NHS, we automatically think about hospitals or doctors surgeries, but the money goes to many other places.

Governments keep telling us the hospitals are getting more money each year, but I guess that it's not keeping up with inflation or the management salaries, which go up every year.

The other day I was at one hospital waiting for an echocardiogram, and watched two men pushing a wheely bin around the ward. Having worked for the NHS in the 1960s I was staggered that it took two men to push this thing around, when one elderly person could do it on their own

I guess that as these hospitals are built and run by private companies they can do exactly what they want, and we have to pay for it.

However to me it's time that the department of health stepped in and charged all of those who keep getting drunk and need hospital treatment, including an ambulance

I cannot see why these people get away scotch free, when their treatment takes up so much time,  and costs  quite a lot of money. This is money we have to pay for those idiots who are so drunk that they need hospital treatment.

My wife had a serious road accident in the 1980s,  and I remember the shock of receiving a bill from the NHS for the ambulance,  while she was in hospital  undergoing  series of major operations.

So perhaps the whole system needs a good shakeup in the next year.

While all if he is goes on, it's the Doctors,  Nurses and patients who suffer and are  at risk, while the pen pushers and management, fill their pockets and go home at 5 pm every night


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