Social care lost

I fear we are seeing the end of social care in the UK, and the Government is not helping the situation.

However many councils are struggling to cope with  savage cuts to their budgets,  and social care is one of the worst hit sections being cut, all of which has a knock in effect.

Most of the local council care homes in County Durham, have been closed and pulled down, simply because they were out of date.

While I can understand this,  i do feel that councils have neglected the care sector for more high profile projects, completely forgetting about those who have worked hard all of their lives.
These days it's possible to build a care home which could if needed, be upgraded to suite without too much trouble,  but no one wants to know about it. 

Social care has been struggling for years now,  even under the last Labour  Government, and these cuts are making things much worse, while the government sits and throws money around on useless projects like HS2.

When  I think of the cost of the two new Royal Navy aircraft carriers which will not be in use until at least 2020, and the billions being spent on HS2, it's staggering, because we could have ensured that of care homes and hospitals were running properly and efficiently.

I believe a lot if this could have been resolved, if this country had a viable opposition party, who were respected, but it's been a long time since this happened

Along with this hospitals are struggling to cope with the vast numbers of elderly who are in hospitals simply because they have no where to go.

These people should either be at home, or in care homes, but these days even care homes are struggling to cope. Many of these people are unable to go home because they possibly live on  their own, or their local social,  services  cannot cope

Like it or not social care is a right these days, because many of us have worked all of our lives and have paid social security,  yet this seems to have been forgotten about by those in power nationally and locally.

This could also be down to the fact that many politicians these days are wealthy or are  very well off, and don't consider anyone else.

To me personally, if your local councils cannot provide social care, it should be taken over by the Government and NHS.

However it's now time to sort out the political mess in this country, and resolve issuses like the security services, armed forces, health and education by using cross party committees,  and stop these unnecessary and needless changes we have everytime a new  Government gets elected

We should have ministers who have been trained in certain areas like health, running projects instead of some local idiot with no health service knowledge running the NHS etc.

This is not a business, but people's lives at risk, and while the NHS is in a mess it needs sorting out properly by those who really do understand what's needed.

I fear too much of this NHS  mess goes back to the days when a hospital board was disbanded and replaced with a chief executive.

At least the board was made up of health service professionals like Doctors, Matrons, Engineers etc, and all stores were bought centrally from the NHS stores, so every hospital was the same.

These people were also accountable, and they got the sack if they underperformed,  unlike today where they get a golden  handshake

However I do feel that it's perhaps time for the social care to be taken over by the government, as they have been taking the money for it for many years, while blaming others

Local councils should also shoulder some of the blame rather than blaming others all of the time because they have neglected to do their job properly, by not looking after the elderly


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