Brexit and immigration

Over the last two years there has been a lot of upset caused by some sections of society over immigration, and it's got a lot worse since the referendum on Europe

Yet when we look at one particular section there has been little or no mention

This is professional football, where we are seeing vast numbers of players and managers moving into this country

Yet it appears that little has been said about this, which seems a little odd.

More and more football players etc are coming into this country on fast track visas, yet I don't consider them to be important to the country.

I doubt if many if any, are even paying tax in this country, yet they play in the richest football league possibly in the world.

This makes me wonder why supporters don't say a lot about this considering the cost of tickets to watch football matches these days.

Why should supporters pay the high cost when many players don't pay their full portion of tax in the UK, it's so wrong and should be stopped, especially as British workers are being hammered with tax, yet the wealthy get away with out paying very much.

This all seems so wrong to me.
To add even more insult to this, when you see a game on television there is always an NHS ambulance standing by in case of an accident on the pitch.

Surely this all needs to change to make things more even in this country.

Far too many other foreign workers who came here to work and pay tax here have been victimised by Brexit while football players,  etc get away scot free.


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